The Ord’s Expedition to Ethiopia


Hi Everyone!

Lindsay and I will be going to Ethiopia again in February 2018 to help the children as part of a medical/dental expedition with Canadian Humanitarian. We will be in Ethiopia for 2 weeks.

This time we will also be bringing Jayden, our oldest son (he is 16) to help us!

We have much of the supplies we need (if you helped us previously for our 2016 expedition – thank you!) but we are needing more supplies, and some additional equipment (step up/down electrical converters, ultrasonic scalers as well as other items). As you may know, this is expensive. Any help you can give us to make a difference for the students in Ethiopia would be appreciated.

If you are interested in supporting this work and donating to our expedition, you can do so in the box provided. Any donation is so greatly appreciated!

Any donation over $20 will be eligible for a tax receipt.

Thank you!

Jared, Lindsay, and Jayden Ord

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